A downloadable game for Windows and Android


An all-consuming wildfire has suddenly begun to envelop the forest you call home, and you have no choice but to flee. How long can you keep running before the blaze consumes you too?

Incaendium (in-KEN-dee-um) is a game made by two third-year games design students as part of our final university project!

(This game was designed with touchscreen controls in mind, but if you're playing the Windows version, the mouse cursor works exactly the same as a finger/stylus on a touchscreen.)


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Known bugs

  • Major bug: It's rare, but it's possible that the deer may suddenly disappear, which in addition to breaking the gameplay also results in a sudden and jarring camera angle change. If this happens, open the pause menu and restart the game.
  • Major bug: Another rare bug, but occasionally the deer will suddenly stop receiving input from the mouse cursor/touchscreen. However, the UI/HUD still receives input, so if this happens, open the pause menu and restart the game.
  • Minor bug: Purely cosmetic, but sometimes the background trees get out of sync with the season changes, usually ending up retaining their spring appearance. However, this has no effect on gameplay.

Note: Incaendium is optimised for display at a 4:3 aspect ratio. It still works fine with other aspect ratios, but some parts of the main menu may be stretched/offset.


Incaendium (for Android devices) 711 MB
Incaendium (Windows 64 bit) 152 MB

Install instructions


  1. Make sure your device is set up to be able to install and run APK files.
  2. Download the "Incaendium (for Android devices)" file.
  3. Locate it in your device's files and tap on it to install.
  4. Once installation is finished, run the "Incaendium" app.


  1. Download the "Incaendium (Windows 64 bit)" zip file.
  2. Once it is finished downloading, unzip it.
  3. Open the "WindowsNoEditor" folder.
  4. Run "Incaendium.exe"


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A beautiful game. We enjoyed it very much.

A note for other Youtubers: turn of the music or you will get a

copyright claim!!!


This is a cool endless runner, the graphics are very pretty and the music is nice and relaxing.  The controls on pc are a little laggy, but for the most part they work.  It would be cool to have some kind of scoring system to see how far you got, so you can challenge friends or try to beat your own record.  But it's nice how it is, good work!  This is the third game in the video.

Hey dude, thanks so much for playing our game and even featuring us in one of your videos, it really means a lot! 😄 Also thank you for the feedback, it's always super helpful! We've had other people mention too that the controls can sometimes seem a bit laggy/unresponsive and that they'd also like a scoring system, so those are things we've made a note of and we're planning to work on! 👍