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Try and get your daily tasks done and return home without getting overwhelmed along the way!

Made in 2 days by a team of game design students for Global Game Jam 2019



Kristan Elvin (Twitter: @KristanGames, itch.io: krisyp)

  • Blueprinting (level, gameplay mechanics)

Mia Tidnam (Twitter: @Mia_uRi)

  • Art (character sprites and animations, house, objects)

Harry Rose (Twitter: @boxhead324)

  • Blueprinting (enemies, particle effects)
  • Level Design
  • Art (objects)

Becky Saunders (Twitter: @glitchsaur)

  • Art (furniture, platforms)
  • Sound design (a.k.a. finding royalty-free sound effects and music)
  • UI


HomeGameWin64.zip 111 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file "HomeGameWin64" and run the exe file "Gamejam2019TeamGNO"

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