Our first update!

Here's what we've changed since V1.05:

  • Now we have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available instead of just 64-bit
  • New title screen
  • New doors
  • New, more readable symbols in colour-mixing puzzle
  • New tutorial room text
  • Fixed bug where hovering the mouse cursor over menus causes them to flicker
  • Fixed audio and visual bugs (e.g. pixel music now loads instantly instead of taking a while, NPC animation flipbooks now match the dimension the player character is in)
  • Tweaked gold material to make it easier to see
  • "Esc" key now pauses the game
  • Other minor bug fixes and tweaks to improve user experience


CavernOfConundrums_V1.08_64_bit.zip 126 MB
May 26, 2018
CavernOfConundrums_V1.08_32_bit.zip 106 MB
May 26, 2018

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